Coping with debt: the business debtline

We, Funding Options, act as the intermediary between small businesses that need finance and specialist lenders who can provide it.

We work with over 70 lenders, and between them they offer dozens of different finance products to suit many different businesses’ situations. Some of these products are aimed at helping businesses manage cashflow, grow, or overcome a tricky situation.

The challenges of business

Sadly though, even with access to suitable finance, some businesses will run into problems that can’t be fixed by finding the right lender. There are many situations where taking on more debt isn’t the answer, and it’s crucial to recognise the symptoms of a business in distress.

It might be external market forces, the consequences of difficult decisions, or just bad luck that leads to difficulties like insolvency — whatever the underlying cause, some businesses find themselves dealing with unmanageable debt.

Help is at hand

The Government-backed Money Advice Trust runs the Business Debtline, a valuable resource for businesses in trouble. Whether you need emotional support to cope with the stress of business debt, or you want practical tips for how to change your situation, you’ll find support here.

The business debtline is "a charity offering free debt advice from experts who care", and they offer a variety of services like debt assessments, budgeting and prioritising debt.

You can find out more by visiting, or reading the Government’s guidance on business debt and bankruptcy.

Please note: Funding Options does not offer debt advice.